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The 24-hour prayer line is a place where anyone can call in at any time, day or night to request prayer. Call in at (805)309-2350, access code: 1001844#. Press *6 to unmute your line.


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     The Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a popular ingredient in cooking, and especially in Asian and Indian cuisine. It has also been used for many years for medicinal purposes. It is available fresh and dried, as ginger extract and ginger oil, and in tinctures, capsules, and lozenges. It has cancer fighting agents; anti-inflammatory properties; reduces cholesterol; aid faster digestion; anti-nausea agent; improves mental function via antioxidant properties, helps boost the immune system and can also be used topically to reduce swelling.

Fresh ginger should be stored in a tightly wrapped plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer, and peel and grate it before use. Add it to any suitable dish for extra flavor. If fresh ginger is not available, you can use dried. In most recipes, one-eighth of a teaspoon of ground ginger can be substituted for one tablespoon of fresh grated ginger. Ground ginger can be found in the herbs and spices section of most grocery stores.



Have you had a green smoothie lately? They are such a great way to get your daily servings of veggies, get a really good internal cleansing as well as help to curb those sweet cravings. Here's my favorite green smoothie recipe:
Romaine lettuce 
Green apple 
Chia seeds or hemp seeds
Juice from fresh lemon
Blend and ENJOY!! 

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