About Us

The Grace Place is a purpose oriented community church where servant leadership and involvement are practiced.  Although  services are available to all, specific programs are  incorporated  to meet the needs of  Single Mothers in the Lakewood  community.  As we pursue our ministry of “Touching Lives for Christ” all are welcomed, accepted and valued regardless of  their ethnicity, circumstances or beliefs.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Grace Place Seventh-day Adventist Church is to touch lives with a Christ-centered message of hope  where Christian fellowship and Love for others are fostered.

Core Values

We promote strong moral principles that encourages spiritual growth and development where respect, teamwork, trust and dedication  to the service of God  and others are    valued.

Our Vision

Loving: A place  that is filled with togetherness and love  where  fellowship is grounded in our fellowship with God.

Praying: A place  where we  petition, reflect and learn to trust God with directions for our lives.       

Sharing: A Place where we work together to  meet the needs of each other and  our community.   

Learning: A Place where we seek to know more about Jesus in order to  grow and share Him with others.  

Worshipping: A Place where we acknowledge the presence of God, honor and  esteem Him as the source of Life and ruler of the Universe.